In 1998, two fashion-forward women took a fateful walk on the beach, where casual conversation would lead to the conception of the store we now know as WishList. Suzanne Zarrilli, a veteran of the design industry with over 20 years of experience, and Carla Strobel, a seasoned retail manager for big names like Barney’s, came to realize that their Fairfield County community was leading a very comfortable existence, but had nothing to offer anyone with an appetite for fashion. Suzanne and Carla made it their mission to fill that niche, to bring fun and edgy clothing to sleepy suburbia. With the potent combination of Suzanne’s style- savvy sensibilities and Carla’s know-how within the trade, WishList hit the retail scene with a storm.

Zarrilli and Strobel quickly found that the same type of effortlessly chic clothing that they provided for the teen population was at the top of adult women¹s wish lists as well. They began to dress fashion-conscious teens and young women, as well their mothers, in casually sophisticated styles. Before they knew it, WishList had blossomed into a store for trendy girls and women of all ages.

Today, WishList is the first store that comes to mind for the best in everything! WishList carries the hottest jeans, the freshest t-shirts, the cutest workout-wear, and the latest and greatest in luxury sweatgear.
You can count on it for the sexiest going-out tops, a few fabulous dresses, and don’t forget awesome accessories! Loyal customers around the country just can’t get enough of that one-of-a-kind WishList style.

Every WishList store has the feel of a trendy, comfy living room where the shopping experience is reminiscent of raiding your best friend’s closet, full of sweet essentials you just can’t live without. Our employees aren’t just salespeople, they are personal shoppers at your beck and call, to come to your rescue with any coordinating questions or style challenges. And of course, our customers aren’t just strangers, they become our friends.

We at WishList bring this very same hip and relaxed vibe characteristic of our stores. We can’t wait to deliver the contagious WishList style right to your door!

Happy Shopping!